Located in Brittany, close to Saint Malo, the campsite is easily reachable with any mean.

  • picto-voitureFrom Paris by toll motorway A11 (l'Océane) until Rennes (3 hours), Rennes/Dinard with the Highway Rn 137 (45 mn).
  • picto-TGVTGV Paris/Rennes (2 hours). Connection SNCF Rennes/Saint-malo (1 hour) + SNCF buses.
  • picto-avionAirport Dinard/Pleurtuit. Connections to London, Jersey, Guernesey, Aurigny and main cities in Great Britain.
  • picto-bateauSaint-Malo harbor: Connections all year with England and Anglo-Normand Islands.
  • picto-veloCyclists : The Port Blanc campsite is labeled Point accueil vélo.
  • picto-randonneurHikers : The campsite is located along the GR 34 on the shore.